Brandon Kagel



Vision & Mission

Our vision is to treasure God’s Word above all else; To treasure Godly relationships that share in our joy of knowing Him, and to treasure His mission of seeking and saving the lost.

Service Time: 11:00 am in the Sr. High Room 117

We seek to fulfill this vision in 3 ways:
Treasuring God’s Word:

Treasuring God is not something that can be taught but is a miracle work of the Holy Spirit. However, the scriptures tell us that “ comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”. They also declare that “some plant, some water, but God brings the increase.” Therefore, if people are to treasure God’s Word by faith then they must be taught the Word and hear it preached in way they understand. This includes getting our youth plugged into weekly bible studies and discipleship groups here at CCLV. Yet, even then, God must enlighten the heart. Therefore, we are not only committed teach, but to pray. Our prayer is that God will increase and bring growth to the seed of faith that is planted by the preaching of the Gospel.

Treasuring God’s Relationships:

In the book of 1st John and all throughout the New Testament, the apostles make it clear that our joy in treasuring Christ is made complete when we share this common goal with others. We are not called to treasure God alone, but to treasure Him alongside all who would believe.

Our aim is to nurture these relationships by creating an environment that’s inducive to building strong fellowship. This includes creating monthly outings, potlucks, serving opportunities, and getting our young people plugged into CCLV discipleship groups.

Treasuring God’s Mission

Our passion is to teach this generation the treasure of reaching people with the love of Jesus. Judgment is coming and it is coming quickly. Yet, the love of God covers a multitude of sin! Therefore, the scriptures declare, “how sweet are the feet of those who preach the good news”. This good news can only be found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Young people will be taught how to evangelize by reasoning with the scriptures. They will also be given opportunities to do in-service devotions as well as supervised evangelism outings. This includes mission trips, street ministry, and more. They will be encouraged to use their giftings such as spoken word, poetry, rap, singing, musical abilities, artistry, and every gift that can be utilized for the work of the ministry.