Hospital Visits


Our hope is to bring comfort and the gospel to those who are in our local hospitals, medical centers and recovery homes.

Jesus said that when we respond to someone in need, we are responding to Him; moreover, those who love Him are easily identified by their simple acts of kindness. As His ambassadors, our aim is to be available, upon request, to bring the love of Christ to those who are confined to their homes or in a hospital bed due to physical injury, sickness, surgery, or terminal illness. During a time of illness, a prayer of faith, a touch of kindness and a gentle, soft-spoken word of assurance can be enough to change the course of a day. The Word of God, when directed by the Spirit of God, is able to bring
salvation to the lost as well as comfort, encouragement and healing to the believer.

If you or someone you know needs hospital visitation please fill out the form below.

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